Medical Departments

SGVP HOLISTI HOSPITAL is much more than medical experience its all of us caring for patients.

The neurology department of SGVP Holistic Health Centre is involved in treating various disorders  related to brain, spinal, neuron and nerve tissues.

The department is run by team of well-known neurologists formerly trained under India's one of the reputed neurology institute.

24x7 emergency service by neurologist is provided to neutralise some serious conditions like stroke, severe brain infections (meningitis, encephalitis), repetitive epilepsy attack (status epilepticus), sudden weakness of nerve cells/ tissues (myasthenia gravis,GBS)

Regular OPD services are available for complications like migraines, epilepsy, neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, and so on.

The patient's illness is diagnosed with high accuracy and treated with international standard adapted to scientific and humanly approach.