Discharge Process

When your doctor believes that you are fit to go home, he/she will inform you and indicate this in your medical record. The Floor Coordinator will inform you when your final bill is ready. You will have to go to Inpatient Billing Department, located at Ground Floor to settle the bill. The billing department will give you a Discharge Intimation Slip on setting the bill. A copy of the Discharge Intimation Slip has to be submitted to the Floor Coordinator who will then give you Discharge Summary and investigation reports. The entire process takes minimum 2-3 hours. Hence, kindly plan your departure accordingly.

In case you require wheelchair/stretcher or ambulance service, please inform Floor Coordinator for the same. Have your floor doctor informed you about your discharge medications? If not, please meet him before you leave. Please vacant the room at the earliest, as other patients will require the facilities.

Kindly ensure to return the attendant’s and visitor’s passes to the security personnel.


Going home is a happy time for you, but please care to remember following:

  • Have you kept the copy of the hospital bill and all other documents given by your care givers? This will help you in filing your insurance claim.
  • Have you checked the wardrobe, bedside storage and bathroom for personal items?
  • Have you received prescription from doctor and did you understand instructions?
  • Have you booked a follow-up appointment with your Doctor / Surgeon?
  • Have you returned your feedback form with suggestions to Patient Guest Relation Team?