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Consult with India's most successful
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This highly specialized facility is laced with numerous instruments and machines to keep an ill heart alive. SGVP heart experts and professional staff leave no stone unturned to provide necessary treatments to an adult and a child alike.

Advanced CATH Lab

State-of-the-art infrastructure

An expert team of doctors

Radiology Centre

Angioplasty | Bypass | E.E.C.P

We provide comprehensive care to your caring heart. We believe in holistic methods to tend to any disease that’s why we recommend taking our experts’ opinion before taking a decision about heart surgery.

Why Take A Second Opinion Of SGVP Experts?

SGVP expert specialises in finding the right solution for your heart disease. Most times, a heart patient might not require surgery. That’s why a second opinion matters!


Pediatric Cardiology Department

Many types of heart conditions can affect children of any age. It includes congenital heart defects, viral infections, and heart diseases that appear later in childhood due to unknown illnesses or genetic syndromes. SGVP centre of excellence is offering a special pediatric cardiology department to tend to children with heart conditions.

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