Course Name : Fellowship in Applied Panchkarma at SGVP (FAPS)
Eligibility : BAMS Doctors, Internees
Duration : 45 Days
Certificate : SGVP Holistic hospital
Course Fee : Contact Here!

There is a big lack of institutions all around the country where B.A.M.S. graduates can be taught the right way to practice Panchkarma and this is an effort to develop the skills in you.

When you search about training centres for Ayurvedic vaidya, SGVP HOLISTIC HOSPITAL is the model HOSPITAL with their professional way of teaching and experience in Ayurveda.

The big team of EXPERT VAIDYA will conduct the course.

The main plan of this Course is aimed to make you an expert in, panchakarma procedures and to give a better shape to your carrier.

Also, marketing is a big problem with Ayurvedic Graduates and we have enrolled some eminent persons from the experienced vaidya team to make sure that they will give you a proper insight into how you can develop a better ayurvedic centre or how to open an Ayurvedic hospital for yourself and how you can market your services.

The main points for this course are –

  1. Applied Ayurvedic principles in the practice of Ayurveda.
  2. The only hospital that teaches practical aspects of Devvyapashray Chikisa in treatment.
  3. Importance of yagna in all aspects of life.
  4. Importance of Gau (Cow) in all aspects of life.
  5. Understanding practical Panchakarma from a new viewpoint.
  6. Patient assessment and case studies.
  7. IPD patient exposure and line of treatment of various system disorders.
  8. Planning for Private Clinic, Panchakarma Centre or an Ayurvedic Hospital.
  9. Applied knowledge about Pathya-Apathya.
  10. Exposure to different types of ayurvedic medicines and their uses in different diseases.
  11. Detail description of Panchkarma procedures.
  12. Exposure to all the ayurvedic treatment procedures including all practical Panchkarma.
  13. Marketing of the Ayurvedic Services to the society.

Scope :

  • Life-changing Experience with assured prosperity
  • On completing the Ayurveda course, many Ayurveda clinics demand good Ayurveda doctors who are good at administering Ayurved,
  • Some of the areas where employment can be sought are:
  1. Private Specialized Clinics
  2. Private clinics
  3. Private Panchkarma Hospitals

Mode of Payment :

Advance payment of ₹15,000 should be paid to book the seat and the remaining fees can be paid on the first day of commencement of the course.

Course Specialties :

  • Classes and Practical training are handled by expert Vaidya.
  • Personal attention for each student.
  • Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch.
  • Clinical training for students in our full-fledged SGVP Holistic Hospital.

Things to Bring :

  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card
  • 2 Passport Size Photos