General Guidelines
    1. Maintain silence in the clinical areas for avoid disturbance to the patients.
    2. Keep your room environment clean and hygienic and help us maintain standard of cleanliness.
    3. All meals are provided by the hospital under supervision and instructed by the doctor of qualified clinical nutritionist.
    4. Only vegetarian and health promoting food is served.
    5. The patient may be transferred to a Government/Municipal hospital for non payment or any other administrative reason.
    6. Please do not sleep on patient’s bed and in any waiting area.
    7. Please co-operate with the working staff to help them serve you better.
    8. Please be calm, composed and positive to help yourself recover faster.
    9. At an extra nominal charge, ambulance service is provided on request.
    10. Children under 12 should not be brought to visit except special permission granted by the ward sister.
    11. Please contact our reception desk to avail dormitory facility.
    12. Hospital will not be responsible for any of your personal belongings.
    13. In-house mortuary facility is available for registered patients.
    14. Please bring to the notice of management, if any staff is asking for TIPS.
    15. Only two visitors are allowed inside patient’s room at a time during visiting hours.