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Our approach to patient care is unique as we believe in a combination of modern medicine, diet and lifestyle modification to cure a disease. We also believe in saving where possible to avoid surgeries. With the latest advancements, we have been able to save many Hysterectemies!

We provide healthcare from adolescent to menopause. Our adolescent clinic is a special place to rest all your medical concerns while growing up we have a comprehensive screening and treatment program for PCOS, obesity and other genetic and hormonal issues.

For the reproductive age group, we have the infertility treatment ranging from screening, investigating and treatment modalities like ovulation induction and monitoring, IUI, IVF and ICSI. We believe in a NO DONOR program and hence strive to give a baby with your own eggs and sperms.

Our antenatal care consists of a combination of ayurveda our age-old culture and allopathy. We run a unique garbh Sanskar programme which includes regular sessions along with yoga. Ours is a cultural journey into motherhood…

We also address other Gynaec issues like hormonal imbalance, infections, fibroids, endometriosis, contraception, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, cancer screening and prevention and weight management.

For a new beginning at menopause, to maintain health and fitness for a respectful independent life, we address to problems like osteoporosis screening and prevention, atropic issues like recurrent Urinary infection and urine leak, vaginal dryness, prolapse and cancer screening. Woman’s first call is a one-stop solution for any issues related to women’s health. Here, care is personal, privacy is assured, experience is added to the latest advancement in technology and medicine to deliver the best in women’s health care.


A woman passes through various phases in her life. The common Gynaec issue seen in all the three phases is infection. This can be mild or even severe. It can be caused by bacteria protozoa or fungus. Timely treatment of infections can prevent long-term complications.

Another common issue is development of tumors like fibroids. These are treated with medication, ultrasound, feeding vessel block or even laparoscopic/open removal called myomectomy.

Irregular menses can occur due to hormonal imbalance, fibroids, polyps, etc . Timely treatment can prevent many complications. It can be treated with medication, hormonal intra uterine device, hysterocsopic endometrial ablation or even Hysterectemy.

Prolapse is the condition where the uterine support weakens and it descends down to various degrees coming out of the interoitus at times. It can be treated conservatively with pessaries or with surgeries.

Contraceptive measures like natural methods, oral pills, intrauterine device like copper T or even laparoscopic tube ligation are performed as indicated.

We perform all kinds of operations where indicated. We have the latest instruments for performing laparoscopic operations safely.

Laparoscopic surgeries are better due to minimal blood loss and accurate dissection.

Laparoscopic surgeries are safer, relatively painless and have a quick recovery.

This is a distressing situation but it’s absolutely treatable now.

We are with you with the best expertise and treatment modalities to complete your family and fulfil your dream of parenthood.

To help you find the cause of the delay in conception we have investigations like blood analysis ovulation study, hysterosalpingography and Lapro hysteroscopy when needed.

Treatment of infertility is a staircase protocol where the first step is to ensure the production of good quality gamete and time the fertilisation, called ovulation induction. In 3-6 months, over 80% would conceive if all other parameters are normal. The Next step if the semen parameters are average, is the procedure called IUI- intra uterine insemination where the semen is processed to collect the best sperms and deposited in the uterus at the time of ovulation the success rate of this procedure is 20-30% with each cycle.

If the sperm count is extremely low, age is advanced and both the tubes are not functioning, a procedure called IVF -in vitro fertilisation is advised where the female Overy is stimulated to produce multiple Eggs which are collected with the procedure called ovum pick up. These eggs are then processed and fertilised with the best sperms to produced embryos. It can be a simple IVF or ICSI IVF . These are then graded and preserved to be transferred in the uterus at the optimal time to ensure implantation this has a success rate of –average 40% with better chances at younger age.

With procedures like MICRO TESE we have been successful in giving a pregnancy even in a zero sperm count!! We believe in treating infertility with own gamets. However we do have a minimal donor program where absolutely necessary.

Our antenatal care begins with planning for pregnancy called the preconception counselling. We carry out certain basic investigations of both the partners to screen for any deficiencies or diseases and see if the body is ready for a healthy pregnancy. Then we start with certain diet and lifestyle modifications and supplements like the folic acid to prevent anomalies in the child. we monitor the baby’s growth and mothers health with periodic clinical checkups for the mother and perform scans and required investigations to detect any complication at the earliest. The antenatal journey with us is a nine-month long bond of friendship which always extends beyond the delivery! We also have a special Garba Sanskar programme where we have tried to inculcate our age-old wisdom and tradition into the holistic care of the mother and baby along with allopathy. We have weekly meets which are virtual now and yoga classes with interesting activities including music, art, vedic maths and science to enhance the emotional spiritual and intellectual quotient of the child as directed in the vedas and create a holistic bond between the developing baby and mother. At our unit the delivery process is well planned in advance with all available options. We encourage and advocate a normal delivery and prepare for it throughout the nine months. However, we also have facility for painless normal delivery with epidural analgesia, instrumental-forceps or vacuum and cesarean section operative delivery where indicated. Our antenatal care is a journey which you will cherish lifelong.

Pregnancy is the biggest gift of God. We ensure that your experience is full of comfort & happiness till the healthy baby is in your lap. Our maternity unit boasts of state-of-art facilities and an ambience that exudes the warmth and protection that a woman requires during delivery.

We aim to make your childbirth whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section the most enjoyable and painless procedure. Caesarean section (LSCS) is done by stitchless technique with only two days hospital stay and excellent recovery.

We encourage normal delivery by preparing for it during the antenatal period with prenatal pelvic exercises and counselling. we have facility for all types of instrumental deliveries like suction vacuum and forceps to help you during the final stage when indicated. we also do painless deliveries with the help of epidural analgesia as labour pain is the main source for anxiety of the delivery process. With this the we can minimise the pain and make the delivery process an enjoyable experience. We also have the nest neonatologists with us to attend to your precious one on birth.

Adolescent the age between 10 to 19 years needs special attention as it is the time of major physical and mental changes. It is very important to monitor the developments and have a baseline check to ensure a smooth transition to adult hood. We address to issues like irregular menstrual cycles and PCOS which is a syndrome consisting of small cyst in the ovary, hyperandrogenism with abnormal facial hair growth, acne and irregular menses. PCOS can lead to long-term fertility and metabolic issues if not treated timely. Other issues like breast development, weight gain, height , cosmetic issues like hair and skin and screening for genetic diseases are addressed in our adolescent clinic.

The sunset is as glorious as the sunrise. It is an equally exciting time with new changes and challenges. while the body adapts to the new phase with hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, depression, skin and hair thinning, urinary leaking and sexual issues ,in-depth understanding of the physiology and timely help and medications can help you sail smoothly through the transition.

As the hormones Ebb, so does its protection against heart disease and bone health. One now needs to be vigilant for metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis and certain cancers regular checkups and screening for these and treatment if detected at the earliest is the norm at our menopause clinic.

With menopause, there is a decrease in the metabolism leading to weight gain of 5-10 kg in perimenopausal period. Timely lifestyle modifications with changes in diet and exercise routine as advised can help minimise it.

Menopause is not an end but a new beginning.

Early detection is the only way to defeat a cancer and hence cancer screening is extremely important.

The incidence of various cancers is increasing at an alarming rate but so is the success rate of treating them with the latest available modality if detected timely.

We advocate regular Pap smear to detect cervical cancer. When abnormal changes are detected in initial stages, we have treatments like cryo-cauterisation and conical excision. Self-breast examination is a must to detect early cancer of the breast. Any change or lump should be reported early and investigated further with a mammography.

A regular sonography can detect early changes of uterine or ovarian cancers, blood reports and biopsy is advised then, where these cancers are suspected.

Weight management is as important as wealth management !! excess weight affects the functioning of all the vital systems and hence it is very important to reduce weight timely. Women especially have more tendency for weight gain and as hormones are dependent on weight it affects the menstrual cycle and reproductive function of a woman. Our weight reduction program consists of not diet restriction but diet modification we believe diet prescriptions are never sustainable and hence we help you understand food and make healthier choices.

Our exercise program too tries to fit into your schedule with the options that are appropriate for your age weight and likings. We advocate strength training along with aerobic activity in a balanced combination along with flexibility.

Newer medicines are found safe and effective for weight loss and gives a good weight loss of 10 to 14 kg when taken appropriately under medical supervision.


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Dr. Hetal Patolia, MD – Obstetrics & Gynaecology, MBBS is a Gynaecologist in Ahmedabad. She has 25 years of experience in the field of practice.