Spine Surgeon

Dr. Bhupesh Patel

MBBS, D Ortho, DNB Ortho, MNAMS

Tue, Thu, Fri 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM

Dr. Bhupesh Patel is Orthopaedic surgeon by profession but devoted his carrier to the Spine surgery and axial pain management. He did basic medical graduation and diploma orthopaedics from Pramukhswami Medical College. He further went to prestigious Saifee Hospital, Mumbai for Post Graduation (DNB) which is super specialty hospital located in a heart of the Mumbai city.

After his Orthopaedic training he devoted his career to the spine surgery especially minimally invasive spine surgery mainly transforaminal and interlaminar spine endoscopy. He learned these techniques from famous minimally invasive spine surgeons of India as well as abroad.

Dr. Bhupesh Patel’s dream goal is to provide spine care service by holistic and comprehensive approach. No one should suffer from spine problems without diagnosis and their treatment by combining all the available modality of spine care in the present era.


  • India

    Dr, Bhupesh had done fellowships in minimally invasive spine surgery under Dr. Sunil Nadkarni (who did first MIS TLIF in India) and Dr. Satish Chandra Gore who started transforaminal spine endoscopy in India and he is the president of ACMISST (Asian Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique).

  • South Korea

    He also went to Korea for further enhancing his experience in minimally invasive spine surgery at world famous “Spine Health Wooridul Hospital” which state of art centre dedicated exclusively to the spine surgery.He did his fellowship under Prof. Dr Gun Choi, MD, PhD who is world famous minimally invasive spine surgeon and president of WCMISST (World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique). During his says in South Korea he also learned pain management aspect of spine like SNRB, manual therapy, IMS and acupuncture therapy and prolotherapy from world famous pain management specialist and neurosurgeon.

  • Bangkok

    Invited as faculty for Disc-Fx cadaveric workshop organise by elliquence held at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand on 15-16th October 2016.

  • Japan

    Dr. Bhupesh Patel also went to Osaka, Japan for further learning in the endoscopic spine surgery and did his fellowship under Professor Dr Yoshinori Kyoh. He is one of the founder members of ISMISS (International society of minimally invasive spine surgery).

    Dr. Bhupesh Patel is more inclined toward non surgical aspect of spine pathology and its management. He believes that majority of spine pain can be manage by non surgical treatment and without taking any analgesic (NSAIDSmedication which is not good for health in the long run. So he started treating his patient by unique way by correcting dynamic foot posture and thereby pelvic posture and head posture which main cause of enhancing spine degeneration. He also believes in the regenerative medicine by nourishing ligament and spinal joints by Prolotherapy and PRP or PRF. He is also pioneer in Intramuscular stimulation therapy (IMS) for muscle originated pain which destabilised spine curvature and enhance degeneration.