why opt for microplasty instead of total knee replacement by dr. kartik shukla

Why Opt for Microplasty Instead of Total Knee Replacement

Both Microplasty and traditional knee replacements are procedures meant to mitigate chronic knee pain due to arthritis. Both these surgeries require putting in place prosthetic knee joint components by first cutting off the bone and soft tissue. So, the question arises – why at all opt for Microplasty?

A fairly new concept in India, Dr. Kartik Shukla from SGVP Holistic Hospital who is also one of the best Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ahmedabad highly recommends going for Microplasty. He is an ace surgeon who brings around 2 decades worth of experience in these fields, in addition to having performed over 2,000 successful Microplasty surgeries since he started in 2013. What makes his expert opinion bend in favour of minimally invasive knee surgery?

Let’s look at some questions and find answers to them:

Why would someone decide on minimally invasive knee replacement?

The reason why someone would opt for a less invasive knee replacement surgery in Ahmedabad is first and foremost to reduce both cutting and trauma to the soft tissues present in the knee. There have been studies that show how short-term functional outcomes are good; it means, the patients tend to experience less pain after surgery and also regain the use of their knees in a comparatively shorter period of time. The expectation, therefore, with Microplasty is that in short term, it allows for an easier post-surgical recovery, while in the long term, it provides equal or sometimes better results. However, how realistic this expectation is, is a matter of ongoing research.

Does Microplasty completely eradicate arthritis of the knee?

Less invasive or partial knee replacement does address arthritis which is present precisely in the compartment of the knee which is already affected. Moreover, a knee that has undergone such a procedure is generally found to be rebalanced afterward, which helps improve its stability. While no one can guarantee that arthritis never progresses anywhere else in the knee, it is still a rare occurrence. Should arthritis progress, the patient might need a surgical revision or a total knee replacement.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery Is More Financially Viable

Last but not the least, a big potential advantage to going for Microplasty is financial in nature. The faster you recover and the shorter your hospital stay is, the more you get to save in terms of your medical bill, as compared to going the traditional knee replacement surgery route.

Who can benefit from a Microplasty?

Generally, the best candidates for a Microplasty tend to be patients who are:

  • Younger than 65 years,
  • Neither obese nor overly muscular,
  • Either small or medium framed (people needing larger-sized implants have been seen to face more complications),
  • Without any bone and/or joint deformities, like bow legs, knock-knees, severe osteoporosis, etc., and
  • Well-informed, as well as motivated about their surgery and later, rehabilitation.

These are the few general criteria that a surgeon might take into consideration before suggesting a patient go the partial knee replacement route. But, there are always certain additional considerations that can only be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the surgeon.

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